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rero Basic Set

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rero Jr is a born transporter. He works in a warehouse where thousands of goods are stored in different racks and he transports them around as directed. 

You only need to download rero's mobile application and control him using your smartphone. He is a keen worker and you can navigate rero Jr to any direction you like. 

rero Jr can be programmed for customised jobs. For this you will need to first learn his language before you are able to order him around. A computer will be required for this purpose.  Once you are familiar, he will be able to respond to your orders and move around to carry an item from one rack to another for you.

  • Pre-assembled rero Jr.
  • No soldering is required.
  • Suitable for kids 8 years old and above.
  • Comes with a 10 lessons beginner guide.

Technical Specification


20cm(length) x 23cm(width) x 30cm(height)


Beginner Guide's content:

  • Lesson 1: Make your rero Jr's eyes blink in different colours
  • Lesson 2: Make your rero Jr beep
  • Lesson 3: Control your rero Jr from your smartphone
  • Lesson 4: Obstacle detection
  • Lesson 5: Material handling
  • Lesson 6: Make your rero Jr. 'listen' and respond to sound
  • Lesson 7: Precise movement
  • Lesson 8: Make your rero jr follow lines
  • Lesson 9: Count the junctions
  • Lesson 10: Deploy your rero Jr in your warehouse!

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