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rero is able to grip object :) This rero gripper set comes with G15 Cube Servo (angle limit is preset for the gripper). Since the gripper is drive by G15, it can be utilized not only with rero controller, user can use G15 shield (Arduino) and G15 driver with other microcontroller to control it. Check out G15 product page for more info.

Technical Specification

  • Supply Voltage:  7 - 17VDC
  • Gripper Opening: 0-70mm
  • Max Grip Force: 2.14kg@12V (higher if higher supply voltage)
  • Max Grip Speed: 440mm/s@12V (Controllable)
  • Max Current:1.5A@12V
  • Weight:  116g
  • Communication: Half Duplex Serial
  • Come with G15 Cube Servo


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